A few more shots before we move to the next set. Don’t be shy Rodrygo, I know the new model is my boyfriend in drag, but this is a professional studio. We are working, and I need the best shots for the magazine so please don’t hold back…yeah that’s good…grab his breastforms tightly with your left hand and place your right hand near his groin..

Ouch…please Melissa I get your point…I will never make fun of your modelling job and call it the easiest thing in the world. I learned my lesson now please tell him to back off.

I am sorry Dan but you shouldn’t have made fun of my career…” Anyone can be a dumb model” That’s what you said…and I challenged you to step foot in my world for 3 hours. Are you sure you can’t go through with this? Just an hour left and if you do it, we can have the threesome you always dreamt of.

No…I give up…you win…I will do anything…just get me off this outfit and tell your man to stay away from me…I will never make fun of your job again…

I will still have that threesome with you despite your loss…


Yeah…just a small change. You will be dolled up as my sexy model and Rodrygo will be the third partner….*giggles*