It’s what I’ve always wanted. Or at least, that’s what my wife tells me. Besides, why would she lie? She’s usually right. From the day we got married, she was always one step ahead of me. She knew what I wanted before I did. It was uncanny. Even then, she knew I would cheat. I thought it was a split-second mistake, but she knew the truth. She knew that it was a personality trait, that I’d do it again and again, whether I wanted to or not. When I did, she wasn’t even mad. Disappointed was a better description of her reaction. And me? I was mortified. I hated myself for the mistake. I thought for sure that she’d leave me. But she gave me a way out. She gave me a chance. She thinks my personality trait is connected to my manhood and she will stay if I keep my manhood in check. I jumped at her generous offer. How could I not? She was the best thing that had ever happened to me. Well, I certainly didn’t expect to look like this and act like the “wife” in the marriage. She was happy with my progress and decided to take it to the next level by inviting Rodrigo, her ex-boyfriend to live with us. I was devastated, but she insisted that it was for the best and will help in building our marriage. I wasn’t sure how, but I went along with it. I am not sure what she is trying to prove by making out with Rodrigo in front of me. Should I tell her that Rodrigo just slipped his hands inside my panties while kissing her? Is this what I really want? Is the best for me? I am confused, but the erection in my panties tell another story…

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