I want you to put on a happy face and act as if you’re having the time of your life. Also, be proud of your new gender and wave the flag.

Fuck you, Mark, I’ve had enough of your nonsense. I did as you instructed and marched in this stupid pride parade.

Use proper pronouns and watch your words, darling. Right now, I have complete control over you. If you make a mistake, I will inform your boss about your secret Twitter profile, where you post offensive memes and insults to the LGBT community. You forgot to log out of your computer, and I managed to capture the entire thing. You are aware of how serious this company is about inclusivity and gender norms.

Fuck….I promisel will delete the page and I have done what you asked of me. Stop right now, Mandy!!

That’s a step forward. You finally used my real name. And I’m only getting started with you. I can get so much out of you now that I have your pictures in drag. Imagine these photos going viral and ending up in your fianc√©’s inbox!!

No, Mandy…please don’t do that!! I will do anything!!

Yes you will, and today you will spend the entire day cheering, enjoying this pride parade and introduce yourself as “Camilla”. Once the parade is done, I will take you to the after-party where I will introduce you to some sexy boys who will love to spend the night with you!!

What the fuck is this? No…please Mandy, you have no idea what those men could do to me!!

I do honey because I will be joining you in a night filled with multiple orgies.