“When are you going to tell her?” Claire asked, while preparing spaghetti for Adam

“I’m waiting for the right time,” Adam said.

Claire let out a harsh laugh. “I don’t think it’s ever going to be the right time, babe,” she said. “It’s better to just get it over with. Just tell her and move on.”

“You know it’s not that simple,” he said. “It’s bad enough I’m cheating on my wife. But being as how it’s with you, well…that changes things. That requires a lot more explanation.”

“Please,” Claire said. “No amount of explanation is going to change how she feels about the whole thing. It doesn’t matter if it’s me, or if it’s some other girl you met at the club.”

“But she doesn’t even know that you’re…you know…that you’re a girl,” Adam said. “As far as she knows, you’re still the old Carmen. My high school buddy who is into body building and still works as a gym trainer. Every time I meet you, she thinks that you will help me get in shape”

“Right, I don’t really care about all this Adam. If you want to be with me and enjoy my tasty cooking and our romantic crossdressing sessions, then you are going to leave your wife for good” Claire wasn’t messing around this time

“But what about-“

“I don’t care darling….if you are going to step foot in my house next time, it better be after you signed those divorce papers.