The moment Lebron got bail, I knew my fate was sealed. A week ago, I woke up in my male boxers and turned on the TV and saw that Lebron, a notorious criminal just got bail due to lack of evidence against him. I knew this man before. When I was in prison for petty crimes, I met him and spent 2 weeks with him. Naturally, the moment I entered the prison, he feminized me and turned me into his prison sissy. Luckily, I was out after 2 weeks but he was too fond of me and promised me that he will find me once he is out. I didn’t bother much as he was supposed to be in prison for another 50 years. But now that he is out early, I knew my fate was sealed. I received a call on the day he was out and a week later, here I am getting ready to spend the rest of my life as his sissy…

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