I have been so good to you sissies, and I do not expect my kindness met with resistance.

Come on Lucy, I am your husband for god’s sake and that’s your elder brother. Enough of this already.

Don’t you worry about my brother, his wife has given me permission to do this..

Please sister, this is going too far…. this holiday has been a nightmare!!

Speak for yourself, but its heaven for us. Who would have imagined the trip to pleasure island would lead to this. Me and Rhonda were expecting a sex fuelled nightmare on this trip, but it turns out that this is women’s day weekend. And on this special occasion, the rules of the islands are clear. Women own their partners for the weekend and can make them do anything they desire

Please Lucy!!

Enough Sissy Dolly…should I call the guards for some mor spankings?? No no…please don’t…

Then place your sissy butt on Marcus’s laps and let him enjoy your sexy hairless body. And don’t look at me with those puppy eyes big bro…go on…play with Sissy Dolly and warm her up for Marcus’s dick. I am sure Marcus has other bois to fuck so quickly get in your positions so you can get fucked as sissies for the first time. And don’t worry about me recording it, you two are wearing masks…nobody will know about it. Unless I show them what I have in store for you two tomorrow. A full-on orgy with 4 other sissies and 6 black dudes. I will have enough blackmailing material do this every year!!