“Just take the fucking picture, okay?” said an annoyed Camilla. “These heels are killing my feet”

“They look good on you,” replied Rob. He held his phone up and snapped a photograph. “They enhance your sexy hairless legs”

“Fuck you,” Camilla said “It’s bad enough that you’ve ruined my life. But now I have to listen to your stupid takes? Go to hell.”

“Now, now,” said Rob. “You don’t want to make me angry, do you?”

“What’s it matter?” Camilla growled, “Really. Look at me. All of my friends and family think I’m a sissy because you keep sending them these pictures. I’ve sucked cock. I’ve been fucked so many times. My own dick doesn’t work anymore. So, what else can you do? What else can you threaten me with?”

“So you think this is rock bottom, huh?” asked Rob. “You don’t think it can get any worse, right? Wrong. I could put you on a corner, you know. I bet I could make a few extra dollars like that. Or maybe I could take it a step further – would you like to be a sex slave for some rich sheik? They like feminized American boys, you know. Or shit – maybe I could just-“

“Okay!” Camilla interrupted. “I get it. You’re in charge, and I still have a lot to lose. But what’s your plan? How long are you going to make me do this? It can’t go on forever.”

“No…no it can’t,” said Rob. “But eventually you’ll see it for what it is. I love you. And you love me. I see it in your eyes each time you suck me off. Or when you’re riding me. I know you feel it. You just have to let yourself admit it. And when you do, we can be together for real. We can be happy.”

“Happy,” Camilla whispered, marveling at how deluded Rob had become. Of course, it had been like that from the very beginning. “You say you love me. I believe that. I really do. But if you did…well…if you did, you’d give me those files. That’s what love is. Trust that you don’t need to hold me hostage. You don’t need to hold the prospect of jail over my head. I can’t -“

Rob laughed “It’s just insurance, baby. Don’t worry about that. The only way I’d ever need it is if

you left. And you don’t want to leave, do you? Do you?”

‘N-no…” said Camilla.