The Great Shift hit everyone hard, but it was especially difficult for me. One minute I was a 25-year-old man named Jacob, the next I was a 35-year-old woman named Carolyn. Carolyn’s 50-year-old husband Ken was really supportive. He was kind and patient. He looked after me while I acclimatized to my new body. We got on really well together and found we had lots in common. It was like I had a second father. Of course, Ken didn’t want to be my father, he wanted to be my husband and eventually, I realized that was what I wanted too. The first few times we were intimate it was awkward, but eventually relaxed and let Ken show me how great sex could be. It’s fair to say I was soon an eager participant, and the bedroom is now my favorite room in the house! I lost 10 years of my life but fell in love (and lust!) with the most wonderful man. It seems a fair trade.