Make him stop please…what the fuck is wrong with you Brandi?? I am your husband for god’s sake!! Stop touching my…ohhh!! No..dont take pictures…*flash* *click*

I am sorry dear but this is what you get for making fun of my gay brother. I thought you were being nice when you invited him over for the party along with your mates…but you just wanted to make fun of him to look cool in front of your sexist chauvinist friends.

I am sorry Brandi…but this is going too far…I am not gay!! He is grabbing my ass…*owww* and…*Ohh..he touched it….noo…please stop..aghhhh

Not looking so manly are you my dear husband!! Go ahead Trey, jerk him off and grab his little ass…I am gonna film everything!! Nobody treats my baby brother like that..not even my husband. It was easy to drug you up and dress you in my lingerie. These fake boobs look good on you don’t they!! Yess you always used to force me to get a breast enlargement surgery and I had to buy these stupid breast forms to keep you happy. They suit you better by the way!!

Aghhh….Ohhhh…stop it!!!..

Getting a little bit hard in there…looks like you are enjoying this!! Its time for the next level…do your thing Trey…I am going to leave this camera here and it’s already filming. Take him to the bed and make him your new girlfriend!! These tapes will be good enough to keep him in check and maybe I can drop him over to your place once or twice a week!!!

No..dont leave me..noo…!!