Stuart and Andrew, freshmen college roommates, never got along; they were always in the Principle’s room complaining about something. Both had requested room reassignment but had been denied each time; the university’s policy stated that they should be able to resolve their differences. The squabbling lasted the entire first semester and into the second, just before spring break. Stuart was dating a really hot girl, and Andrew was envious that a guy like Stuart could be with his crush.

Stuart’s girlfriend insisted on dressing up in drag for the Halloween party as part of her role-reversal theme. Stuart had no choice but to attend the party dressed as a woman. It wasn’t a big deal because a lot of guys were in drag, but his girlfriend went out of her way to make him look like an actual chick. The party lasted until midnight, and the plan was for him to go to his house and bang his girlfriend, but he was too drunk and exhausted, so he returned to his dorm room. Andrew was uninterested in Halloween and had no plans, so he stayed in his dorm. He was astounded by how beautiful Stuart looked in drag the moment he saw her. In a small dorm room with high sexual tension, one thing led to another and the two ended up making out that night. Since that night, the two have never fought, and Stuart secretly steals his girlfriend’s outfits at least once a week to recreate that magical night.