She said I was the worst Tinder date that she had. I was on a trip to Russia and got a little too excited after matching with a stunning redhead Russian chick. She said she didn’t want her ass grabbed after we made out for the first time, that I was moving too fast. I didn’t listen. Five minutes later, I was pawing her again, ignoring the boundary she had set. That was all she needed. She invited me to her house, and thus began my journey to becoming the sissy you see before you. That was three years ago. She lived with her single divorced father who had a thing for men like me. An army veteran with enough power and blackmailing, he found satisfaction in turning a 6.5ft tall, strong American jock into his submissive sissy wife. Yes, I am legally married to a 65-year-old man. Within these 3 years, I got used to making out with him, catering to his every sexual and emotional need. For an old man, he is a stallion in bed and fucks me in every way imaginable. From time to time, his daughter would visit to freshen up my wardrobe, teach me ways to satisfy men and beautify myself. I went missing in the real world. Unfortunately, they gave up on looking for me pretty quickly. I guess most people didn’t care about some mediocre guy in his late 30s going missing in Russia. Police had bigger fish to fry. I took solace in knowing that my friends and family probably assumed I was dead. Hopefully, they moved on with their lives like I was forced to move on with mine. I assumed I was stuck here, like this, for the rest of my life.